Coronavirus and Opportunities to Improve in Cyber Security

Unfortunately, this pandemic resulted in large stocks in several companies around the world because it was necessary to go into quarantine to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

For all who are Home Office is a challenge and at the same time and opportunity to develop, mainly improve our skills in information security.

Particularly I created a study routine every day, thus helping in my development and learn new things these days that I am in quarantine at home and working home office.

But how can I separate my work from time to time studies?

No incentive you start deviating from your goals in your job to start studying, especially if you work in the area of Consulting and projects like me. But I recommend that you review your workload and use it as a basis for defining volatile study schedules, ie, that can constantly change only to be volatile, you do not fall in danger of losing the pace. So you need to parameterize as their work is being rolled out as it has the day you will not have time for yourself.

So, so you can plan well and organize your tasks to study with greater advantage, always set a content that you want to learn for one month, so you can even connect it to your work.

In information security, we need to study every day and keep learning, from basic to advanced content contained within our fields, because every day we update content and have something new to learn.

My recommendation is that you always take courses, get certifications and a lot of goals and learning plans that month, for example: “In March I will learn Linux. And in April will learn Windows Management. ” This is a great way to plan What you will study and gradually eliminate the bombardment of information that may result in a buffer overflow or a brain Deadlock.

But how to develop my skills in the security area?

If you want to develop your skills and specialize in a segment in the information security field, obviously that first of all it is necessary you set this segment/area along with contents that are essential to study.

So if you want to become an expert in attacks on web applications, you need to know not only to attack methods but of how a web application and how it is developed, therefore necessary to know their technologies and frameworks as well.

But instead of buying you out courses in Udemy, first of all, look for documentation on a particular framework and try tying attacks methods, look for ways of exploitation. This also goes for the Blue team staff because you can tow with defense techniques and risk mitigation as well after you identify vulnerabilities in plugins, frameworks, and CMS will help mitigate these risks.

Develop their skills in the area of security requires both dedication and discipline, planning, organization and implement everything you learn because the practice linked to the concept is always better than just the concept or just practice. Also, do not forget to tow the fundamentals, it is essential you understand how something works well for attacking it or defending it.

As a tip for you to enjoy quarantine and home office to develop their skills, I recommend that you read an article or two articles a day, see a module of a course, put into practice something new that you are learning, either to improve their knowledge in the area or hobby, but if you really want to develop my recommendation is that you put into practice and be a good researcher and curious.

Use Pomodoro techniques for you to set a time of study hours and rest, for example, I study for 30 minutes and rest 5, making it four times, the last I study for 30 minutes and rest 15 and use this time not to open Facebook, but to eat something, run, relax and drink plenty of water.

But where I can develop my skills?

You may be reading the articles in this magazine (

Conducting courses both this platform as others, for example, Udemy, Cybrary, Coursera, Alura, pentester Academy, Offensive Security, eLearning, etc. Security

Reading articles from other professionals in the security field, whether on LinkedIn or Medium also

Try to understand the fundamentals, is the computational base, base of computer science, networks and foundations, etc. This makes it easy to understand how it works structurally and abstractly any application.

By studying YouTube channel content or other means of communication

Finally, there are several ways for you to study and learn more every day, in addition to the labs that you can climb, either by Docker or Virtualization.

By Joas Antonio dos Santos
Cyber Security Consultant

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