The Internet of Things (IoT)

What is the IoT?

The IoT is any device connected to the internet, and as of 2020 there are more than 50 billion IoT devices connected; moreover, it is anticipated that 75 billion devices will be connected by 2024. Interestingly, in today’s global and digitally connected everyone, and everything is connected to the internet. Moreover, how many of you have a Bluetooth connection in your vehicle, home, or stream video or audio from your smartphone?  In addition, everything from heart monitors, refrigerators, security cameras, doorbells, interior, and exterior lights and home entertainment systems are connected.

Notwithstanding, the challenge with IoT devices connected to the internet is SECURITY AWARENESS and WEAK passwords. A vast majority of individuals FAIL to change their DEFAULT passwords from ADMIN/ADMIN on their IoT devices, which leaves the door open for BREACHES and HACKS! Research has shown that the growth in IoT devices is being driven by the requirements for more data, data warehousing, and data analytics (think about each time you make a purchase on Amazon…your data is collected). In the same vein, Cisco anticipates that globally, Machine-to-machine (M2M) will reach 5.3 billion in 2023 people compared to 3.9 billion in 2018. Additionally, with the adoption of the 5G wireless networks and Blockchain, IoT connectivity and usage will increase exponentially.  The migration to 5G will require not only an upgrade in bandwidth; it will also require an equipment upgrade to support the huge increase in data capabilities.

An additional benefit of IoT and 5G will be Smart cities, currently, Dubai (United Arab Emeritus UAE) is leading the effort to migrate towards the “Smart City” concept.  This concept enables a city to use IoT devices and sensors throughout the city to collect data on a continuous basis and use it to manage assets more efficiently and effectively.  In closing, let’s embrace IoT; however, let’s make sure we KEEP CYBERSECURITY at the forefront!


Dr. Eric Todd Hollis, Ph.D., MBA, CDPSE

CEO/President HollisgroupLLC

Tampa, Florida. United States of America

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